Full of state-of-the art animation and live action, Air: The Search for One Clean Breathe takes you on an incredible guided tour of the story of air from its ancient beginnings to today.  You’ll be introduced to international experts who continue to find out more about our air and learn about what we all need to do to protect this vital natural resource.  Take this exciting journey now!

New videos from the Climate Reality Project to educate people about the impacts of climate change.  Watch and share!

Follow two (fictitious) 7th graders as they work on a science class project to research and report on the pollution that comes from open-air trash burning and search for other ways to dispose of garbage.  Their assignment takes them to a TV show, where the host – Proton Dan the Science Man – helps them do experiments that validate the hazards of open air burning.

This new video connects the dots linking carbon pollution, climate change and human health, and further underscores the need to act to reduce the burden of asthma attacks, respiratory disease, and premature death.