Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations Threaten Children’s Health

August 31, 2016 – According to a report released by Clean Air Task Force and Earthworks ozone that occurs as a result of emissions from oil and gas operations poses a substantial health threat to children who suffer from asthma. In Gasping for Breath: An Analysis of the Health Effects from Ozone Pollution from the Oil and Gas Industry, the two groups quantify the impacts on health nationally from ambient ozone formed from emissions from the oil and gas industry. Among the specific conclusions drawn in the report are that each summer ozone resulting from oil and gas pollution causes more than 750,000 asthma attacks in children under the age of 18 as well as over 2,000 asthma-related emergency room visits and more than 600 respiratory related hospital admissions. In addition, the authors report that children miss 500,000 days of school annually due to ozone resulting from oil and gas pollution. Accompanying the report is an “Oil and Gas Threat Map,” developed by Earthworks and FracTracker Alliance, that illustrates health impacts across the country from pollution from the oil and gas industry.