EPA Proposes RFS Volume Requirements

July 5, 2017 – EPA posted on its website proposed renewable fuel volume requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard program for 2018 for total renewable fuel, advanced biofuel and cellulosic biofuel and for 2019 for biomass-based diesel.  Under the proposal, 2018 total renewable fuel volumes would decline from 2017 levels to 19.24 billion gallons (from 19.28 billion gallons), advanced biofuel to 4.24 billion gallons (from 4.28 billion gallons) and conventional biofuels to 238 million gallons (from 311 million gallon).  Biomass-based diesel in 2019 would remain level at 2.1 billion gallons.  Once the proposal is published in the Federal Register EPA will accept comments for 45 days.  The agency will also hold a public hearing, to be announced once the proposal is published.  EPA is required to finalize the renewable fuel volume requirements by November.