NACAA Continues to Compile State/Local VW Repository

August 17, 2017 – NACAA is continuing to compile data in its repository for state and local agency information and links pertaining to the Volkswagen (VW) settlement and the Mitigation Trust Fund.  The information accessible from the repository includes state and local agency webpages, public outreach materials, drafts of documents, etc.  NACAA plans to update this repository as additional information becomes available.  If you have information to share, please send the relevant documents, information and links to Mary Sullivan Douglas of NACAA at  As part of the settlement between the United States government and VW over the company’s alleged use of “defeat devices” designed to cheat on federal emission tests for diesel cars, a Mitigation Trust Fund has been established.  This trust will provide a specific level of funding to each state for eligible projects that will reduce nitrogen oxides.  While the program is still being established and funds have not yet been distributed, state and local agencies have begun work on this effort, including developing beneficiary certification forms, drafting mitigation plans, establishing websites, reaching out to the public, etc.  Since it may be useful for NACAA members and others to learn how state and local agencies are going about the tasks related to the VW Mitigation Trust Fund and what documents or resources others have developed, NACAA is compiling and sharing this information publicly.