NACAA Releases Clean Power Plan Menu of Options

May 21, 2015 – The National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) has released a comprehensive technical resource to help states comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP).  Implementing EPA’s Clean Power Plan: A Menu of Options examines a wide range of technologies and policies that states might consider as they develop plans to reduce power-sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieve the state-specific emissions targets set by EPA in the CPP. The Menu of Options contains 26 detailed chapters, 25 of which explore various approaches to reducing GHG emissions in the electric sector.  Many of these compliance options include technologies and policies beyond the four building blocks EPA used to set state CPP targets. It looks first at proven technologies for lowering emissions, and then at various policies that have been demonstrated to promote or facilitate emissions reductions.  Each chapter includes a common core of information that begins with a profile of the particular approach, followed by discussions of its regulatory backdrop, policy underpinnings, and implementation experiences.  Each chapter also examines the co-benefits of the approach, including but not limited to reductions of non-GHG pollutants, as well as an examination of costs and cost-effectiveness.  Finally, in the 26th chapter, the Menu of Options addresses emerging technologies and other important policies that regulators may wish to consider as they formulate plans to reduce power sector GHG emissions.  NACAA’s Menu of Options was drafted by the Regulatory Assistance Project and reviewed by a NACAA 111(d) Steering Committee, comprised of state and local NACAA members from across the country. For further information: