NACAA Testifies at LDV NPRM Hearing

September 24, 2018 – Ali Mirzakhalili (OR), Co-Vice President of NACAA, presented testimony on behalf of the association at the EPA-NHTSA public hearing on the agencies proposed SAFE Vehicle Rule.  In its testimony, NACAA tells EPA and NHTSA that the association opposes the proposed rule and goes on to highlight two fundamental aspects of the proposal with which the association has major concerns: 1) EPA and NHTSA’s proposed conclusion that the greenhouse gas emission standards for MYs 2021-2025 and augural Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for MYs 2022-2024 – included in EPA’s and NHTSA’s joint 2012 rule – are no longer appropriate and 2) EPA and NHTSA’s proposal to preempt California’s authority under Section 209 of the Clean Air Act and other states’ rights under Section 177 of the CAA by withdrawing California’s waivers for the GHG and Zero Emission Vehicle components of the state’s Advanced Clean Car program and prohibiting other states that adopted those standards from enforcing them.  NACAA is still analyzing the thousands of pages included in the NPRM package and will provide further comments in writing.