Mission and Values

NACAA exists to advance the protection of clean air and public health, and to improve the capability and effectiveness of state and local air agencies.



  • An advocate for the protection of clean air and public health;
  • A provider of valued services and resources to the members;
  • A source of credible expertise to decision-makers;
  • A forum for learning with, and from, each other;
  • A point of focus for effective state and local agency interaction with the federal government; and
  • A national association that thrives because its members have common interests, while respecting one another’s differences.

Job Postings

Jobs available in air pollution control will be posted in this section on a rolling basis. If your agency would like to announce an available position, please email 4cleanair@4cleanair.org or call (202) 624-7864.

Contact Us

If you have a question or comment for NACAA, please use this form to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


NACAA's staff strives to provide the association's members with information, opportunities and expertise of outstanding quality. Serving our members, so that they can clean up the air, is our highest priority.

Miles Keogh
Executive Director

Nancy Kruger
Deputy Director

Mary Sullivan Douglas
Senior Staff Associate

Karen Mongoven
Senior Staff Associate

Phil Assmus
Senior Staff Associate

Stephanie Steigman
Office Manager

Our Committees

The heart of NACAA is its strong committee structure.  The association's 13 committees – each co-chaired by a state agency director and a local agency director – focus on the wide range of issues related to cleaning up our air.


Agriculture Committee
Kevin Stoner (Nebraska)
Merlyn Hough (Springfield, OR)

Air Toxics Committee
Francis Steitz (New Jersey)
Robert H. Colby (Chattanooga, TN)

Climate Change Committee
Stu Clark (Washington)
Alberto Ayala (Sacramento, CA)

Criteria Pollutants Committee
Tad Aburn (Maryland)
Wayne Nastri (Los Angeles, CA)

Board of Directors

NACAA’s 17-member Board of Directors includes a state agency representative from each of the 10 EPA regions across the country and seven local agency representatives.  Officers include co-presidents (one state and one local), co-vice presidents and co-treasurers.

Ali Mirzakhalili

Richard Stedman
Monterey, CA

Rick Brunetti

Charlene Albee
Washoe County, Nevada

Michelle Walker Owenby

Erik White
Auburn, CA

Bart Sponseller

Sam Rubens
Akron, OH

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